June ArtLab

We are looking at paper cutting to create designs of all types. Coloured papers and plain cartridge will work well. Look out for ideas which could translate well into cutting, e.g. dahlia flowers, fish, feathers. Please everyone bring a scalpel and cutting board.

May 2015 ArtLab

Tibetan Mandalas……….these are intricate, colourful meditative designs depicting the circle of life. A complex subject but we will make it easy and enjoy a happy afternoons work with everyone’s involvement. Usual drawing, colouring materials and ruler plus a couple of good sheets of paper A3 would be best.

March 2015 ArtLab

An ” autograph books (with verses and drawings) combined with Travelling Sketchbooks idea.”  Books will be provided, and this is the start of some kind of circulating project.  Come along – I’m sure it will make sense on the day!

February 2015 ArtLab

Black and white experimental mark-making using waterproof and water-soluble media. Most materials provided, but please bring what you have too plus sketchbooks.  Example of the technique which has inspired this session: here

January 2015 ArtLab

Will take place on Thursday 8th January (that is the second rather than the usual first Thursday of the month.)  1pm to 3.30pm. Paint, collage, draw or doodle…
We’ll be making Artist Trading Cards, I’ll bring the card blanks, can you bring collage elements, acrylic paint if you have it, lace, buttons or other embellishments, paint pens etc.

December 2014 ArtLab

Batik work introduced by Heather Koumi.  She says: “So, I’ve been thinking about some ‘batik experiments’ for Thursday… did anyone see the Welsh episode of Sky Arts Portrait Painter OTY? Bill Bone, using wax as a base texture for his oil painting. This technique can be taken much further…. Some years ago I found by chance that painting over wax & rubbing it back gave a lovely effect. We could try that, over any ‘failed’ bits & pieces you have, on paper, canvas, board; anything really. Using newspapers as a base is one of my favourites, as the print from both sides shows through when waxed. Carol, those background sheets you make would work too, I think. Also old printed/textured cotton..
So basically, we’ll transform old stuff, and also make ‘new’ stuff…
Here’s a basic list of things to bring, then add your own items.
News/ tissue/printed/watercolour/drawing papers
Old printed cotton fabric
Acrylic paints and/or inks (I will bring dyes)
Usual mark-making kit
Gloves, overalls.”

October ArtLab

will be on 9th October (That’s the second Thursday of the month instead of our usual first Thursday.)

Speed portraits/clothed life drawing
Bring whatever medium you prefer – or you could have a go with air-drying clay, or gelli-printing.