Rugby Artists’ Group 2014 AGM will be held on Saturday, 25th October, 10.30 – 12.30 in the Education Room, top floor, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.
Membership fees of £12 will be accepted at the end of the meeting.


August 2014 ArtLab

We will be making fertility symbols using ArtMache (it’s a commercially produced papier mache product). You might like to bring: Disposable containers (plastic milk bottles are ideal), corrugated card to use as bases (esp wonderful if you have any triple ply or time in advance to stick 2 pieces of double ply together in advance), images, source material on the idea of fertility images.

July 2014 ArtLab

There will be no ArtLab this month.  Why not use the opportunity to walk the Art Trail of Rugby’s Festival of Culture or go to visit some of the studios open for Warwickshire Open Studios?  See you in August.

June 2014 ArtLab

For June’s ArtLab we’ll be sun printing. Things to bring if you have them: Anything that has an interesting silhouette, especially anything translucent, cut out silhouettes, images you could cut out plus fine scissors (decoupage scissors), cellophane, thin tissue paper, acetate sheets, jelly, photographic negatives, images printed onto acetate. We’ll be working at A5 size.

Rugby Artist Group Annual Exhibition

The twelfth annual exhibition of the Rugby Artists’ Group will be opened by patron HelenVarah, at 1.45pm on Saturday 29th March, at the Floor One Gallery in Rugby Art Gallery and Museum.

In excess of fifty works will be on display, including paintings in various media, sculpture, ceramics, jewellery and textiles. Most of the exhibits are for sale, together with a selection of distinctive original greetings cards produced by the artists.

Artists will be present during the exhibition to answer any queries about the work and Rugby Artists’ Group, and all are welcome to the preview.

Rugby Artists’ Group was formed in 2003, and provides support and development opportunities for artists, and offers gallery talks, and visits to studio and exhibitions. The group also organizes Art Lab, monthly creative sessions in the Art Gallery, supported by Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, which are open to all.

The exhibition will be open until Thursday 10th April. The gallery is open on Tuesdays from 10 until 5, Wednesdays to Fridays from 10 until 5, and on Saturdays from 10 until 4.


April ArtLab

April ArtLab will be still life, with the idea in mind of making designs for drypoint printing in May. Please bring sketchbooks/paper and whatever medium you prefer – try to stick to one that would give you a sharp line, building up tone through hatching or scribbling will give you a better idea of what to expect.

March ArtLab

Hi all Art Labbers, Hmmmmmm, wire sculpture. I have just spend two hours trying some out…..come with your patience hat on and don’t go to the manicurist before you come. Please bring wire snippers, although you can probably use strong scissors, I will have some but useful to have your own. Also long narrow nosed pliers will be helpful. Perhaps sketch ideas or pics but I think it may be you make something and then decide what it is! I have enough wire for small projects but if you have nice pliable wire of different thicknesses bring some along. Marion Reid

February ArtLab

Next ArtLab, Thurs 6th Feb 1.00
Image transfer – this is not an exact science/art – we will be experimenting with various acrylic mediums. The beauty of this is that the underneath layers show through, so bring some painted backgrounds – using acrylic or fixative so the image is waterproof – and on decent paper. Also collect and bring magazine pictures and inkjet prints – on cheap paper and good paper, to compare. Remember images/text will be reversed!