June 2016 ArtLab

We’ll be making collographs.  Carol says: “please collect and bring, if you can, mountboard, cardboard, quick print, lace, silver foil, string etc., and an apron. Please also bring an old wooden or metal spoon if you have one.”  (It does not matter if you don’t have those things though, we usually pool and share resources and have more than enough)

May 2016 ArtLab

We will be hacking artists mannequins to make figures, dolls or puppets.  We have mannequins, Milliput and miscellaneous stuff.  If you have it you might like to bring: fabric scraps, especially thin fabrics, modelling tools, tiny screwdrivers (if you wish to take a mannequin apart), acrylic paints etc.

April 2016 ArtLab

Faces: we’ll work from magazine pictures (or this Pinterest board full of faces that you could print out). We’ll look at basic proportions of the face, and then work in your medium of choice – acrylic, watercolour, coloured pencil, pastel, mixed media etc.

Please bring sketchbook/ paper and your chosen medium. You could also work on previously prepared backgrounds.

March 2016 ArtLab

Cover design: Think of a book you’d like to design the cover for, try to pick one other people might know. If not, be ready to describe what happens in the book. Would need to have the title, the author and maybe the imprint.

Then all in a hat and draw them out. Maybe work in pairs, one the type, other the art. Or alone. Using all materials around, collage, paints, prints, inks, whatever is we can find.

What to bring: anything you can draw, paint, stick or colour with, plus some A4 paper to stick it all onto. May get more than one done.

November 2015 ArtLab

Our EXPLOSIVE AFTERNOON will be held in the upstairs Art Room. We will have the screens in there to pin the paper too for our firework mural.
Bring your best anarchistic ideas please.  Bring any materials you like.

October 2015 ArtLab

OK, ArtLab October 2015 is… Mucking about with Stencils. We’ve bought stencils, mostly of the children’s variety rather than the posh American ‘crafters” type, and barring last minute surprises will have access to the Education Room, all the stuff therein and our boxes. You might like to bring: paint, paper, sponges, stubby brushes, small marsupials etc. etc. Anything you think might work with stencils. There is no plan beyond that. It’s just you and the stencils and your genius.

September 2015 ArtLab

Next Art Lab in the gallery will be constructing our own beach huts (in response to the current main exhibition – it closes at the end of August, so please make sure you get to see it). Thursday 3rd September at 1pm.  All Art Labbers who have autograph books please bring them to Art Lab or return to the box in the gallery. We seem to have come to a stand still with the swapping of books.

July 2015 ArtLab

The next session will be paper cutting, I have some Japanese style examples to share. Plain fine grained paper cuts more cleaning than others, bring scapel and cutting board if you have them. Coloured papers as back sheets are effective. There is usually some coloured paper in the art room. Ideas which have clear lines are best. We can manipulate the cut paper edges to create movement. More complex 3D cutting is difficult to attempt in a group session but you may like to look it up first, there are video lessons online