December 2014 ArtLab

Batik work introduced by Heather Koumi.  She says: “So, I’ve been thinking about some ‘batik experiments’ for Thursday… did anyone see the Welsh episode of Sky Arts Portrait Painter OTY? Bill Bone, using wax as a base texture for his oil painting. This technique can be taken much further…. Some years ago I found by chance that painting over wax & rubbing it back gave a lovely effect. We could try that, over any ‘failed’ bits & pieces you have, on paper, canvas, board; anything really. Using newspapers as a base is one of my favourites, as the print from both sides shows through when waxed. Carol, those background sheets you make would work too, I think. Also old printed/textured cotton..
So basically, we’ll transform old stuff, and also make ‘new’ stuff…
Here’s a basic list of things to bring, then add your own items.
News/ tissue/printed/watercolour/drawing papers
Old printed cotton fabric
Acrylic paints and/or inks (I will bring dyes)
Usual mark-making kit
Gloves, overalls.”

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